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Heathrow to Gatwick by train

There is no direct connection from Heathrow to Gatwick by train. However you can choose one of the 4 following options:

1. First take the Heathrow Express into Paddington Station. After that take the tubes Circle line out to London Victoria Station. Finally take the Southern Railways service into Gatwick Airport. The journey takes around 85 minutes and costs approximately £25.

2. This option is similar to the first one but instead of taking Heathrow Connect service you can choose the Express service. The Connect route is slower but it is cheaper. The journey time in this case is around 95 minutes at a cost of approximately £20.

3. As option 1 but instead of using the Southern Railways service use the Gatwick Express. Total journey time is around 80 minutes and costs approximately £32.

4. Take the London Underground into Hammersmith Station via the Piccadilly Line. Travel to London Victoria from the District Line. Arrive at Gatwick airport in the Gatwick Express service. That option lasts about 90 minutes and costs around £20.

You can view here the Tube Fares .

Services that call at Heathrow Airport station:

Heathrow Express

Heathrow Express trains run to and from London Paddington every 15 minutes and the journey takes 15 minutes.Visit the Heathrow Express website.

Heathrow Connect

The stopping service to London Paddington runs every 30 minutes and the journey takes 26 minutes. Visit the Heathrow Connect website.

London Underground

Piccadilly Line trains offer the most cost-effective journey to central London, taking less than an hour.Visit London Underground website.

Railair coaches

If you are not travelling into London, buses and luxury coaches connect Heathrow with the national rail network at Feltham, Watford, Woking and Reading.Visit Railair website.